Procedures used for
the treatment of mild lesions

Surgical excision

Trichloroacetic acid

Mild lesions

As we get older, it is common for unwanted growths to crop up everywhere. This is part of the normal aging process and is more common in people with certain genetic predispositions. In most cases, these growths are not dangerous and can be easily removed. The first step is therefore always to consult a dermatologist to determine the precise nature of the lesions. In order for these growths to be removed safely, using the right technology, you must have the right diagnosis.

Here are some of the most common:


Commonly called skin tags, these small growths of flesh form nodules on the skin, often in areas where there is friction, such as the eyelids, armpits and groin. Clinique D’s dermatologists can remove them easily and painlessly.

Intradermal nevus

This is a flesh-coloured or brownish mole that can be found anywhere on the skin. Since many people find them a nuisance from a cosmetic standpoint, Clinique D’s dermatologists can remove them using surgical techniques or a laser, in order to allow for optimal healing and minimize any residual traces.


This is a mass of fibrous and vascular tissue that grows on the nose and forms a small, often red or flesh-coloured bump. Clinique D’s dermatologists can remove it very easily using surgical techniques or a laser.

Cherry angioma

These small clusters of blood vessels in the skin are bright red in appearance. Their size typically varies from 2 to 8 mm2. Some families get a lot of them because they have a genetic component. Many people want to have them removed because they associate them with older skin. They can be removed with a pulsed dye laser. One to three sessions might be necessary, depending on the number to be removed. When cherry angiomas are treated, they turn dark blue for about three weeks and then disappear without leaving a scar.

Spider angioma

These small blood vessels, which look a bit like a spider’s web, can appear on the face or anywhere on the body. They occur more frequently in children and pregnant women. They can be removed with a pulsed dye laser.

Seborrheic keratosis

These brownish patches are often raised and scaly. Some families get a lot of them because they are related to genetic factors. Since they tend to appear with increasing age, they are sometimes called wisdom warts. They are not cancerous or dangerous, but because people don’t like the way they look and they may cause discomfort (for example, itching), they can be removed with a laser or liquid nitrogen. When burned with liquid nitrogen, these spots develop a slightly blackish crust that disappears in the following days or weeks. When removed with a laser, the lesion disappears immediately, leaving a small abrasion to heal.


These small fatty deposits are found on the lower or upper eyelid. They appear as small yellowish growths above or below the eyes and can be treated surgically or with trichloroacetic acid. A small drop of acid is then applied to the yellow deposits, which temporarily turn whitish and then gradually disappear over the following days or weeks through the body’s natural healing process.

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