Procedures used for
the treatment of hair loss

Capillary Platelet-rich plasma Injection

Hair loss

Several factors can lead to hair loss (alopecia). It is therefore essential to consult a dermatologist in order to properly identify its underlying causes and the most appropriate forms of treatment for each.

Alopecia can be divided into two main categories: scarring and non-scarring. Scarring alopecia is due to diseases that cause very deep inflammation of the skin that destroys the hair follicle. Early identification and treatment of the disease by a dermatologist will prevent the hair follicle from being destroyed and scarring that permanently prevents the hair from growing back.

In non-scarring alopecia, the most common form is androgenetic alopecia, also known as hereditary-pattern baldness. It is based on genetic factors that cause thinning of the hair follicles and progressive hair loss in some areas. While it affects primarily men, women can also suffer from it. Medical solutions, covered by RAMQ, can be offered.

There is also alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease affecting genetically predisposed people that is treated in medical dermatology and is covered by RAMQ.

Another common form of non-scarring alopecia is telogen effluvium, an abnormally high loss of hair following the appearance of a stressor (physical or psychological) that disrupts the hair cycle.

Depending on your type of hair loss, Clinique D’s professionals may prescribe topical or oral agents. We also provide injections of plasma from your blood sample that we centrifuge to remove red blood cells and keep only the plasma rich in growth factors (platelet-rich plasma or PRP) for re-injection into your scalp.

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